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Our Costs to Travel in Mexico for One Month-Part 3: Food, Marvelous Food

As you can see in the graphic to the right, we spent a total of $3,417.98 during our one-month-long trip to Mexico. So, let’s break it down.

One of the things worth noting right off is the great exchange rate we got. Last year when we visited Mexico, the U.S. dollar was worth just over 14 pesos. This year, it was up to over 19 pesos to the dollar, so we got a lot more for our money. When we charged expenses on our travel card, we got the full 19+ pesos exchange rate. To save ATM fees (which are 3% of the amount withdrawn at Bank of America), we brought cash in USD and changed it for pesos at currency exchange booths at the airport and in the towns we visited. The exchange rates we got there ranged from 17.63 to 18.2 pesos to the dollar, still good, and a lot better than 14+ pesos to the dollar.

Food, Marvelous Food – $676.29

We ate most of our meals in restaurants, neighborhood comedors, and from food-trucks and street stands. If you divide the total by 30 days, it comes to just $22.54/day on average for the two of us to eat in Mexico. The eating-out portion of our food expenses came to $623.74. But we also shopped a bit for groceries, especially once we were in Oaxaca and had a kitchen.

One of the many street markets in Mexico

We bought yogurt and the nearby Pitico convenience store, fresh granola at a European bakery, fresh fruit at the markets, and jicama, chili, and salt for a typical snack.

Jicama slices sprinkled with sea salt and chili powder

Where to begin describing the food we ate? It was all so good, and so inexpensive. When describing food, we always think that pictures tell the story best:

Mole Poblano in Puebla – one of our favorite meals this trip!

A Chinese meal in Mexico City’s Chinatown

A tlayuda in Oaxaca’s 20th of November market

A cemita in the 5 de Mayo market in Puebla

Fresh grilled chicken from a vendor in Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca during our enVia tour

Tacos Arabe at Patio de las Ranas in Puebla

Mole Negro in Oaxaca

Carnitas and mezcal in a cantina in Mexico City during our Sabores Mexico food tour

Mexican street corn – just about everywhere!

Pan de Muerto (Day of the Dead bread) and cafe con leche in Mexico City

And, a couple of late nights, we ate freshly made tacos from the taco stand in Llano Park, just ½ block from our hotel in Oaxaca. They always had a line and the food was delicious! Here’s a look at the preparation:

We packed a lot into our 30 days in Mexico. We had a great time, ate a lot of terrific food, and this post barely scratches the surface in describing it. You can read the other posts about our 30-day Mexico trip by clicking the links below. We hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos of our trip and that you saw how we “travel the retire for less way.” Thanks for coming along!


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